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Coffeeneuring Roundup - Coffeeneur Report

2022 coffeeneuring report




Menu goes RTL, although boustrophedon is tempting.


2023 Coffeeneuring Summary, Year 13

A new bike in the stable and in the photos; I'm evaluating a trike recumbent. I have fallen off my diamond frame bikes not often but enough, and I am considering what bike will serve me best in my dotage. I really like this bike, the short wheelbase is very responsive. Here's my 2023 reports:
  • 20231117-7 Falls Market, Ohiopyle, coffee and water overlooking the pedestrian bridge. 3 miles. 2023 Challenge Complete! Frankly: no great bike parking or wife. But it was open! and sometimes that's enough. 3 miles.
  • 20231112-6 Confluence Vista mm62 4 miles hot chocolate in the thermos overlooking the scene that gives Confluence its name: the joining of the Yough, the Casselman, and some creek that I can never remember. A very pretty day. 3 miles.
  • 20231111-5 Saturday Coffee Without Walls at the Outflow Campground, where the Yough Dam holds back a 22 mile lake, and the water flows through and recreates the Yough River,giving Confluence its name as a place where rivers join. Drank a hot chocolate from my thermos. Rode my recumbent trike which I like more and more. 4 miles.
  • 20231029-4 Sunday enjoyed a pourover coffee with two chocolate covered Oreos at Ohiopyle Coffee Company. Great place. Excellent bike parking. Fast wifi. Very good vibe. Recommended. 3 miles.
  • 20231015-3 Ohiopyle music festival, coffee truck, Nepa Valley Bloom and Brew. 4 miles,
  • 20231014-2 Saturday Coffeeneur, Tissue Farm my hometown coffee shop. 3 miles.
  • 20231013-1 Friday coffee, Mitch's Fuel and Food. 6 miles.


2022 Coffeeneuring Summary, Year 12

I have been so distracted by things less worthy that I am only updating this page one year late. I posted my 2022 Coffeeneuring on the Facebook group but not here. My health has not been great and it takes up some of my precious time. Here's my 2022 reports:
  • Coffeeneur 2022-07. Week 7, Thursday Nov. 17. Good judgement was absent, so I had to use my good equipment. 32F, very light snow, some wind. COLD! This was a Rule9 coffee trip to the outdoors. 3 miles. Starbucks instant Via, French Roast. My trusty JetBoil fired right up. Lots of seating. Great parking. No crowd. Challenge complete.
  • Coffeeneur 2022-6. Week5. Sat.Nov5. Rode to Big Dog Coffee for the flat white itself, then rode to Thick Bikes for a seat outdoors and a mini Coffeeneuring Meetup. 4 miles r/t.





  • Coffeeneuring 2022-5. Week4. Saturday Oct.29 Fuel Coffee Works, Farmington PA. FuelCoffeeWorks.com A former gas station converted to the one true fuel, caffeine. Really an excellent coffee stop. Not a truly bike-friendly ride to get here, though. 5 miles. Enjoyed a flat white and a pumpkin roll. Recommended.
  • Coffeeneur 2022-4. Week3. Saturday Oct 22. Rode the west side circuit with friends. Ended at Mitch's Fuel & Food. Great basic 5:00 Coffee. Wifi. Lots of bike parking. 4 miles.
  • Coffeeneur 2022-3, week3, Friday Oct21. Ohiopyle PA. Rode to Wilderness Voyageurs for a latte. Excellent. 3 miles.
  • Coffeeneuring 2022-2. Saturday Oct.8. Three miles. Rode around Confluence, PA to Tissue Farm, an espresso shop and art gallery. Had a London Fog tea and a pumpkin cheesecake muffin. Checked out the art in the new gallery show, Points, Lines, & Planes. Once fortified, rode the long way through town, past the parking chairs, to Mae West Road and back home. Tissue Farm: excellent barista drinks and baked goods, bike parking, fast wifi, art gallery. It's the total package.
  • Coffeeneuring 2022-1. Friday Oct.7. Rode around town inspecting prep work for Pumpkin Fest. Took the long way to the Outflow. Stopped at River's Edge for stuffed pepper soup and coffee. Wonderful. Lots of bike parking. Good wifi. Great food and service. Cool, 68F and light mist. Glad to be Coffeeneuring again. Thank you Mary Gersemalina !


    2021 Coffeeneuring Summary

    My 11th Challenge.
    • Oct. 21. Coffeeneuring 2021-1. Week 1. At EAT Cafe, 1064 Madison Ave, Manhattan NYC. Two coffees with cream, a bread pudding muffin, and a rugalach. We were fortunate to find seating with an ersatz bike space, the Upper East Side (UES) is fairly inhospitable to humans without cars and drivers. This shop has East-Side cachet because it's a split-off from the Zaabar family dynasty of eateries. 3 miles with MM. click for instagram with picture
    • Tues Oct. 26th. Coffeeneuring 2021-2. Week2 trip 1. 3 miles. Mitch's Food and Fuel in Confluence PA. Two basic essential cups of Joe. Mitch's is a great place, very bike friendly, good wifi. A long term supporter of cycling. With MM. click for instagram with picture
    • Thursday, Oct 28; Coffeeneuring 2021-3. Week 2 trip 2. 3 miles. Coffeeshop without walls. Long way through Confluence PA to Outflow Campground. 3 miles. JetBoil, Via Instant coffee, milk from home. Nice day, great color, very bike friendly park. With MM. click for instagram with picture
    • Sunday, Oct 31, 2020; Coffeeneuring 2021-4. Week3 trip 1. 3 miles. @tissuefarm Long ride around town to Tissue Farm espresso shop. Excellent espressos, local scones by Noel, perfect bar operations by Siobhan, major bike parking, great wifi. Drizzle fo shizzle weather. With MM. click for instagram with picture
    • Monday, Nov.1; Coffeeneuring 2021-5. Week 3 trip 2. 3 miles in New York City. Rode from the Upper West Side to Central Park's Dancing Crane Cafe. Two coffees and a blueberry muffin. Cycling in Central Park is excellent. With MM. click for instagram with picture
    • Monday Nov8. Coffeeneuring 2021-6-VB. Week4, trip 1. Biggby's Coffee, a regional mini chain in PawPaw Michigan. Large latte and a blueberry muffin. Great shop, great staff, fast wifi, easy bike parking and outdoor seating. No snow. 4 miles. click for instagram with pictures
    • Sunday Nov7. Coffeeneuring 2021-6-MM, coinciding with the NYC marathon. Central Park West, Riverside Park with a thermos of home brewed coffee. Thence to office, later to residence. 4 miles. click for instagram with pictures.
    • Wednesday Nov.17th. Coffeeneuring 2021-7. Blue Bottle Coffee on Upper West Side, NYC. Lattes and almond pastry. Saw two youths filming a dance video as we enjoyed sitting outside. Then Riverside Park and trail along the Hudson. 4 miles with MM. 2021 Challenge Complete, my 11th year. click for instagram and pictures.


    2020 Coffeeneuring Summary

    • Friday, Oct 23, 2020; 2020-1, 3 miles, rode to 555 Madison Ave for a coffee-cart coffee and a doctor's appointment.
    • Wednesday, Oct28, 2020; 2020-2, 3 miles. Rode to Mitch's Diner in Confluence, PA for hot chocolates in the town square. Excellent distancing and controls. Ample bike parking. Could be considered Coffee Without Walls.
    • Wednesday Nov.4, 2020, 2020-3, 4 miles. Rode to a medical appointment, then a personal appointment, then coffee at Eli Zabar, in a streetery shelter across the street.
    • Friday Nov.6, 2020, 2020-4, 3 miles. Black Press Coffee for a double espresso. Great shop, bike parking, outdoor dining.

    • Monday Nov.9, 2020; 2020-5. 2 miles. Alice's Tea Cup on Upper West Side. Had a pumpkin scone with caramel glaze and a green tea. OMG. Outdoor streetery. Out of five available tables, three were occupied by cyclists. Major bike friendliness.
    • Wed Nov.11, 2020-6, 2 miles. Blue Bottle Coffee. Medium cappuchino with a wonderful croissant. Not a lot of bike parking but it worked. Sidewalk tables in addition to streetery.
    • Sat Nov.21, 2020-7, 3 miles. Rode around Central Park. Horse-drawn carriages! Three yoga-in-the-park classes! Went to nearby Joe Coffee for a double espresso and a blueberry muffin. Magnificent.


    2019 Coffeeneuring Summary

    • Friday October 18th, 2019. 2019-1, 2 miles link. Coffeeneuring 2019-01 w/ Karen Quig from Park & Ride to Anchor and Anvil Coffee Bar. She had a Smokestack, I had a Parking Chair, we split a fresh apricot scone.
    • SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2019 ‎Ride 2019-2, 8 miles. Week 1 with Karen Quig. link. Bulger to Burgettstown PA via paved Panhandle Trail. Stopped at Cherry Valley Organics. I had an Americano, she had a Tulsi Tea. Two slices of home-made organic cranberry-apple pie. Trailside cafe is adjacent to Walden's at 1709 Main Restaurant. Ample bike parking
    • SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2019 Coffeeneur 2019-3 : Fountainhead Cafe link. Sunday Oct 20. Coffeeneur 2019-3, Week 2. 3 miles. Karen and I rode around Monaca and stopped at Fountainhead Cafe. She had an Imago Dei and I had a Turkish coffee. A Turkish coffee and an Imago Dei. Plenty of bike parking, big space, outdoor seating. A John Galt sort of place.
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2019 Coffeeneuring 2019-4, Vanport PA to Cafe Kolache link. 2019-4, 3 miles, week2, Vanport PA to Cafe Kolache in Beaver PA w Karen. Cold brew coffee and peach iced tea. Cream cheese kolache and spinach/ fetta kolcache. Good wifi, bike racks outside.
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2019 Coffeeneuring 2019-5, Ambridge to Sewickley link. Coffeeneur 2019-5 with Karen Quig, Ambridge PA to Crazy Mocha Sewickley, 8 miles. Moroccan mint green tea and raspberry hibiscus tea with pound cakes. Bike parking outside.
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2019. Coffeeneuring 2019-6, Fort Cherry to Walden's in Burgettstown link. Coffeeneur 2019-6, week3, w/ Karen Quig along with RC & DC on Panhandle Trail from Ft Cherry to Burgettstown at Walden's at 1709 Main Restaurant. We both had coffee, I had pie and ice cream, she had an omelette. Excellent place, ample bike parking, very friendly. 16 miles.
    • Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019. Coffeeneuring 2019-7. link. Brooklyn NY. Empire Blvd to Sit & Wonder with Karen on NYC CitiBikes. Great ride. We both had green iced team.


    2018 Coffeeneuring Summary

    2018 has been a difficult Coffeeneuring season for me, I've got something going on in my internals and I keep getting sick on the bike, which has an adverse impact. But I've been building short rides for coffee and got the mission accomplished.

    2018-7 Nov.14, 2-18. Adda Coffeeshop in Pittsburgh's Shadyside neighborhood, this part of which has recently been renamed East Side by boostery real estate developers. Hello, gentrification my old friend, I've come to talk with you again. Had an excellent cortado. 3 miles. No bike racks in front, but there's a major on-street bike corral about 100 feet down the street. Sharrows on the road, no complaints there.

    2018-6 Nov.11, 2018. Coffeeneuring 2018-6. Nov.11 2018. Commonplace Coffee in Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill. Excellent pourover. Bike racks in a bike friendly neighborhood. 3 miles.

    2018-5. Nov.10, 2018. 3.5 miles. Coffeenuring at Southside Beehive. 3 miles. The latte was above average. I generally avoid the Beehive because there's a persistent shithead factor, mainly because they sell booze cheap in addition to good coffee. But on today's ride, it was the local indy coffee shop that was a natural, and I'd rather go there than Starbucks. There's something dissonant about Coffeeneuring and Starbucks. There is a bike rack around the corner, but it's not a very secure place to lock your precious bike.

    2018-4. Nov.8, 2018. Rode from Thorn Run Road to Anchor & Anvil in Coraopolis. 2.5 miles round trip.
    Had a Cafe Au Lait. Notably, this shop also carries Orem's Donuts which are like the best ever. No bike parking but generous sidewalk space; there are bike sharrow markings the length of town. Good wifi, lots of space. Recommended.

    2018-3. Oct.30, 2018. 2 miles. Big Dog Coffee, my fave SouthSide coffee shop with Rusty in Pittsburgh, PA. Great bike racks and dog tethers out front. Spacious indoor and outdoor seating. Always a positive vibe and great artwork. I love Big Dog. Discovered I'd broken a spoke (rear wheel, non-drive side) so I kept the ride short and took the bike to nearby Thick Bikes.

    2018-2. Oct.14, 2018. At Mitch's Food & Fuel, colocated at the town square gas station in Confluence PA. 3 miles. It's a grill of unexpected quality; it's not going to make Fine Dining Magazine but above-average food for a trailtown diner. This was coffee and a brownie. I like Mitch's. No designated bike parking but a lot of cyclists and sufficient space out front.

    2018-1. Oct.13, 2018. At Parkview Cafe, formerly Sister's Cafe, in Confluence PA. 2 miles. This is a tried-and-true small-town cafe; above average basic food, omelettes and pancakes and coffee! Indoor and outdoor seating. Wifi! Several bike racks out front of the wheel-bender design, so I leave them alone. A long-established favorite for cyclists at Confluence.


    2017 Coffeeneuring Summary

    2017-7. For myself and Karen Quig. 8 miles. At Tupelo Honey Teas, Millvale PA. Turkish Apple Tea and a Yerba Mate (my first). Paired with grill cheese sandwiches: Brie and PepperJam filling, in-store baked-today rolls, run through a panini press. Wow. Also: bike parking out front. Side door opens into Millvale Community Library.

    2017-06 Nov.12, 2017. With Karen. 7 miles. Met the Sweetwater Bike Shop crew (Laura and Don), rode to Sewickley, across the bridge, to Coraopolis and Anchor & Anvil's Coraopolis location. Had a Cafe Au Lait. Took a side trip to Neville Island Bridge bike path and Montour Junction Connector.

    2017-05 Nov.5, 2017. With Karen. 8 miles. Met the Sweetwater Bike Shop crew on a Rule9 Sunday morning. Karen, VB, Rusty, Monica, LauraJean, John. From Sweetwater in Ambridge to Sewickley Crazy Mocha, cafe au lait. Met J&J-D.

    2017-04 October 27, 2017. With Karen, 5 miles at Adda (apparently, pronounced ahhd-Dah). Lemon verbana tea and doppio machiatto.

    2017-03 w/ Karen. 6 miles. Arriviste in Shadyside.

    2017-02 w/Karen. 4 miles. Rode to Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea. Cold Brew Coffee and Iced Tea.

    2017-01 w/Karen. 2 miles.Big Dog Coffee. Two cold brews.


    2016 #Coffeeneuring Summary

    2016-SEVEN. Rode 3miles with Karen to Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea Company. Double macchiato and a Wassail.

    2016-6. Wed Oct.26 2016, w/Karen, Gravel & Grind, Frederick MD, 4 miles.

    2016-FIVE. Thurs Oct.25 2016, w/Karen, Lost Dog Cafe, Shepherdstown WV, 50 miles.

    2016-IV. Oct.16 2016. Tazza D'Oro, 6 miles, with Karen.

    2016-C. Oct.15 2016. Pop-up coffeeshop at Thick Bikes, 6 miles with Karen.

    2016-B. Oct.9 2016. Coffeeshop without Walls, Frick Park. 4 miles with Karen.

    2016-1. Walden's in Burgettstown. 16 miles w/ Karen.

    top 2015 #Coffeeneuring Summary

    2015-1: Oct.3,2015. BigDog Coffee. 2717 Sarah Street, Pittsburgh 28 miles. Mocha Blanca

    2015-2: Oct.10, 2015 Caffe d'AmoreCaffe d'Amore. 5401 Butler Street, Pittsburgh. 25 miles. Pourover Coffee w/KQ1.

    2015-3: Oct.11,2015 LaPrima Espresso. 21st Street at Penn, Pittsburgh PA. 24 miles. Americano Doppio

    2015-4: Oct13, 2015 4121Main. 4121 Main Street, Pittsburgh PA 20 miles. w/KQ2 Tea: Ashram Afternoon

    2015-5: Oct.18, 2015 Fisher's Cafe Pub. Peninsula, Ohio 21 miles. w/KQ3 Coffee, cream & sugar

    2015-6: Oct.20 2015. Bookshelf Cafe, 1806 Chislett St Pittsburgh, Morningside, Pittsburgh, 15206. 23 miles. w/KQ4 Green tea chai latte

    2015-7: Oct.25 2015. KLVN coffee roasters. w/KQ5 Melwood Screening Room, 477 Melwood Avenue. 3 miles. Central American and East African coffees, with Alfajores (an Argentinian creme pastry)


    2014 Coffeeneur Summary

    2014-07: Voluto Commonplace Coffee. 23 miles.

    2014-06: Big Dog Coffee, 31 miles

    2014-05: Emlenton Mill and Creamery, Oct 19 2014, 30miles

    2014-04: Tim Horton's, Franklin PA; Oct 18 2014, 32 miles

    2014-03: Tazza D'Oro, October 12, 23 miles

    2014-02: Commonplace Coffee Squirrel Hill, October 11 2014, 25 miles

    2014-01: Beans on Broad, Grove City PA, October 4 2014, 3 miles


    2013 Coffeeneur Summary

    2013-07: OTB Cafe, North Park Boathouse. 10/31, 2.2 miles.

    2013-06: Cafe Cravings. Oct 25, 15 miles.

    2013-05: Tazza D'Oro. 28 miles.

    2013-04: Delanie's Coffee, Southside. Oct 18 2013, 26 miles.

    2013-03: River City Java. Oct 17, 23 miles.

    2013-02: 61B Cafe. Oct.10 26 miles.

    2013-01: Coffee Without Walls, Point State Park. 10/4/2013 32 miles.


    2012 Coffeeneur Summary

    In 2012, Pittsburgh had more coffeeneurs than any other city. Portland took second place.

    2012-07: Big Dog Coffee. Oct 26 2014, 50 miles.

    2012-06: 21st Street Coffee. October 25. 20 miles.

    2012-05: Cats and Dogs Coffee. Oct 19, 49 miles.

    2012-04: LiLi's Coffee Shop. Oct 12 2012, 26 miles.

    2012-03: 61C Cafe. Oct 11, 39 miles.

    2012-02: Starbucks Freedom Road, Cranberry Twp.. Oct.5 2012, miles.

    2012-01: Commonplace Coffee Squirrel Hill. Oct 4 2012. 44 miles.


    2011 Coffeeneur Summary

    When I did the first year's Coffeeneuring Challenge, I didn't think about saving images or reports. Here's the best list I have:
    • Nov 20, 2011; 37miles, Commonplace Coffee Squirrel Hill link

    • 11/02/2011 39 miles, Jitters Cafe, link

    • 10/25/2011 34 miles Curbside Coffehouse, Blawnox link
    • Oct 22, 2011 40miles Cranberry Starbux w/MC; link
    • Oct 17 2011. Farmhouse Coffee. 54 miles. link
    • Oct 15,2011. Denny's, Century III mall. 34 miles, link
    • Oct 8 2011. Sister's Cafe, Confluence. 49 miles, link

    • Oct 7, 21 miles Espresso A Mano, link
    The prize for completion was a hand-made pewter pin. wow!

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