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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pamela's Pancakes and Jitters Cafe: Oh Wow

11/02/11 39miles
60F. Started at the Bastille (Western Pen), rode past the Casino and the Stadia and out to Millvale. There were really a lot of people out on this trail and an unusual number of people riding recumbents, maybe it was a group ride.

Lunch being a need, I stopped at world-famous Pamela's Pancakes for their specialty strawberry crepes. Oh Wow oh wow oh wow. In the future, researchers studying the hidden meaning in Steve Jobs' last words will understand that in his death experience he had a vision of eating strawberry crepes at Pamela's (to die for).

Back on the bike, back on the trail to the Stadia, crossed the Ft. Duquesne Bridge to Point State Park, and rode the Strip trail out to the Cork Factory and then back to the Point. I took the service road to the Mon-Whorf Trail, and then rode over to the Jail Trail at Grant Street.

I rode the Jail Trail to the southern trailhead at Swinburne Street, then rode around the corner and up Panther Hollow to CMU. Then I rode Fifth, South Aiken, and Walnut Street through Shadyside and my primary destination:
Jitters Cafe at 5541 Walnut Street for a coffeeneuring stop.

I ordered a chai latte and a cup of cherry-vanilla ice cream and enjoyed them sitting outside and using their WiFi. The ice cream was excellent, made locally without preservatives. The chai was also great.

All things pass, and it was time to get up on the bike. I consulted the map and saw that I could ride South Aiken, Wilkins, and Murray to get to Forbes and resume my route. Riding up South Negley between Fifth and Wilkins was somewhat of a near-death experience for me, and I got to savor the taste of the chai and ice cream all over again as the body rebelled at the harsh treatment. Fortunately, the treats stayed in their place, but it was quite a climb.

I rode Forbes to South Braddock, and then rode the Nine Mile Run Trail down to the Monongahela, and the Duck Hollow Trail to Second Avenue in Homewood. Back on the Jail Trail, Hot Metal Bridge, and a stop in South Side Works to refill my water bottles at Subway.

From there it was the South Side and Station Square Trails, the Fort Pitt and Fort Duquesne Bridges, and the Casino Trail back to the Bastille, where I ran over a duck who failed to yield the right-of-way.

A very nice ride on a beautiful day.

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