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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Sat Aug11
Mon Aug13
Wed Aug15
On Saturday I parked my van at the former Western Penitentiary, aka SCI Pittsburgh, which is a lot less crowded than it used to be. Rode to the Jail Trail and Golden Triangle Bikes, dropped off a package. Stopped at Point State Park, and watched the world walk by for a while. While I did not get sick, I did not feel good and it is a great puzzle to me.

Monday I parked under the Birmingham Bridge, and biked to an appointment at Murray and Shady. I was distressed to get sick twice on the first leg, once on Boundary and once on Wilkins. The second and third legs, to Oakland and then back to Southside, went better but not great.

Monday's experiment was to wear overly large shorts, in case my bike sausage-casings were causing the discomfort. Factor One: ruled out.

Wednesday I rode from my residence to the local mall for a haircut, attempting to eliminate or confirm Factor Two: overheating due to too much hair. This factor is still OPEN. This was about 7 miles on local roads, and I am continually impressed at how well drivers behave out where I live.

Although I know one should never look up symptoms on the Google, it may be gastroparesis which is both a known outcome for some diabetics, and consistent with my experience.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

I Blocked The Bike Lane But I Didn't Block the HOV

Aug 4, 2018

In response to Letter to the Editor, Washington Post: I blocked a bike lane. So What?, by Claudia Burke.

[Chorus] I blocked the bikelane
But I did not block no HOV.
I blocked the bikelane
never make you slow your SUV.

Yeah, all around in my home town
Homeland trying to track me down
They say they want to bring me in guilty
For the blocking of the HOV
For delaying the HOV
But I say Oh, no, no, oh

You can't delay the HOV,
sad commuters in their SUV
I blocked the bike lane just
for pastry at Au Bon Pain,
a quick stop at Au Bon Pain

[Chorus] I blocked the bikelane, oh Lord
But I swear just for a little while
I blocked the bikelane,
But so does Fedex, and the U.P.S

Cyclists want to use my route
For what, I don't know
Every time they take the lane
I honk pull over so I can go
I say stop on red so I can go
(cry) I pay my taxes how 'bout you?

[Chorus] I blocked the bike lane
Didn't park by no fire hydrant
I blocked a bike lane
I hope it's now just a traffic court complaint
Lot of noise about some white and green complaint

I share my road, it's got to be
I let Cars and buses use it too
But Scooters, Bikes and now Scoobi
They just won't let me through
My time is short, I must get through

[Chorus] I blocked the bike lane
It's nothin real it's just some paint
They say, that bike lane is not for me
And now this is a criminal complaint

Freedom came my way one day
And I drove straight outa town
All of a sudden I saw bikes (three!)
Intending to slow me down
So I hit, I ran them down and I say:
If I am guilty I will pay!

[Chorus] I blocked the bike lane
It was a matter of lifestyle defense
I killed a cyclist
and they say it is a capital offense

Car culture had the better of me
And what is to be must be
One day the traffic will slow down
Yes one day the traffic will slow down

Friday, August 3, 2018


Aug 3, 2018
10 miles
Parked under the Birmingham Bridge, rode around town, saw the memorials on the Hot Metal Bridge for recently deceased cyclist Austin Bible. RIP.

Went to Market Square, where there's a Cool Globes display on. Cool. Somewhat puzzled by the globe that put a Penguins logo on Africa, but: Pittsburgh.

Met R at Starbucks. Watched the world go by. Met (as agreed) MikeB and his scout troop from Severna Park, MD. Escorted them through downtown and out to the Hot Metal Bridge. It'll be a big deal when the Mon Wharf Switchback is open.

I really did not feel well when I returned to my vehicle. The route and conditions were not demanding. I'm not sure what's up.