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Saturday, October 18, 2014

coffeeneur 2014-4 Franklin, PA Tim Horton's via Allegheny River Trail

Sat 10/18 32m

Started in a group of 16 cyclists in Emlenton, PA, riding on the Allegheny River Trail from Emlenton to Franklin PA.

We parked in the Post Office after checking in, since we were on a Saturday overnight trip. It was very nice of them to accommodate us, and I think we jammed up their parking lot a little.

Weather wasn't terrible, just uncooperative; 55F, raining at times, and a headwind for the last 12 miles. There was an accumulation of leaves on the surface, and the trail edge has a 2" dropoff to the adjacent turf; there were a few falls until everybody learned to stay in the center of the likely trail position.

At MP12, at the south end of the Kennerdell Tunnel, the ladies realized that there was No Civilized Indoor Plumbing until the destination at Mp28 and that put a bit of urgency into their giddyups. We passed through a lot of beautiful country but didn't stop for picture-taking too often.

The second half of the ride was a Sprint for Relief, we made great time. After we found a PortaPotty we turned to Other Priorities namely Coffee. Unfortunately, Franklin's coffee shop closes at "two-ish" on off-season Saturdays, and we arrived at 3pm. The hotel staff recommended we try Tim Horton's for Coffeeneur 2014-04, and that worked really well. Coffeeneur 2014-4 was Tim Horton's in Franklin, PA with K, RC, and Alice. Very good coffee and doughnuts. No poutine, faux-alas.

As the final segments of the party were arriving, some were very tired and sought rest immediately.

We met in the lobby for dinner and since it was still raining, opted for the hotel restaurant (which I try to avoid). This one did a very good job, dinner was excellent. 32 miles.

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