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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Coffeeneuring 61B Cafe Regent Square

10/10/2013 219# 26m
Today's mission was Coffeeneuring 2013, event 2 of 7, and we chose the new 61B Cafe in Regent Square.

Started at the Bastille (Western Pen) at 0800 with S and R, rode over to Point State Park. Happened upon Mayor Tom Murphy with a group of cyclists just before they commenced an out-of-town ride. Two Tom-Murphy-on-a-bike meetings in a week.

Rode the Jail Trail, Panther Hollow Trail, Fifth Ave to Squirrel Hill. Stopped at the Jewish Community Center looking for some info about a menorah sculpture at the Forbes Avenue Entrance. Turns out it's by Daniel Kafri.

Forbes and South Braddock into Regent Square and the new 61B Cafe. I wasn't sure exactly where it was, so I asked a man on the street and found myself speaking with Rick Sebak. That was cool.

It's an excellent coffee shop but they could really use a bike corral in front of the location.

Departed via Frick Park, using Tranquil Trail, and Fire Lane Trail to take us to Nine Mile Run Trail. At the lower end of Nine Mile Run Trail there was a flat-black gate across the path, that seems likely to clothesline a cyclist. We marked it with a bit of red cloth to try to add some visibility.

Took Duck Hollow Trail to Second Avenue, to the Jail Trail. Coming north of the Casino we passed a cyclist that R. identified as fellow coffeeneur Shank.

26 miles, Coffeeneur 2of7 in the bag.

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