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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Coffeeneur 2014-6 Big Dog Coffee

10.26.2014 31m 233#
Started riding from the Bastille w/K at 1pm, prior to a 4.30pm home Steelers game. Saw the beginnings of tailgating as we rode south.

Jail Trail, Hot Metal Bridge, Big Dog Coffee for Coffeeneur 2014 Number 6. Details: mocha bianca, chai tea latte, lemon-poppy seed muffin, toasted croissant. 31 miles total.

It was a beautiful day. We rode out through the Waterfront to the Phantom's Revenge on the Steel Valley Trail. Reversed.

Saw a lot of black-and-gold out on the trails today. Hoping to avoid riding around the football stadium in the last hour before gametime, rode West Carson St to the West End Bridge and used the upstream (southern) walkway and made the required portage. It surprises me that the bridge sidewalk isn't ADA-compatible; this could really use some switchback ramps down to ground level.

Through a parking lot of TailGaters, no problems. 31 miles.

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