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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Coffeeneur 2014-3 Tazza D'Oro also: Sam the Macaw, Palestinian food at Conflict Kitchen

10.12.2014 23m
Coffeeneur 2014 Series, Ride 3: started riding with K at the Bastille on the North Side. As we came around the Casino's riverfront greenspace, saw the Parrot-Bike buy and just had to stop and meet him them.

This is Gary, who owns a bicycle, and Sam the Blue Macaw who rides around Pittsburgh on Gary's handlebars. It was really a treat to meet them.

Rode out to the 40th Street Bridge, up through the Allegheny Cemetary. In Garfield, passed by the new location of the Angel of Garfield installation, but this time I thought to snap a picture. It's so cool that when the new Bottom Dollar building was built, in a place that would have blocked the previous position, the new owners allowed the piece to be moved onto their building.

Continued out to Tazza D'Oro, one of the Top Three Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh (Commonplace-Squill, Taza D'Oro, and Big Dob Coffee being the triumvirate). Wowie wow wow. A baked apple dumpling, a berry pastry, a cappuccino +2 shots, and a pourover of Banko Gotiti coffee from Ethiopia (promising jammy/fruity/berry hints which were very pleasant). So mark this as Coffeeneur 2014 Number3, for myself and K.

Rode across to Oakland and Schenley Quad, to check out Conflict Kitchen's new Palestinian menu.

We split an order of Musakhan (a toasted flatbread w roasted chicken, carmelized onion, sumac and toasted pine nuts) and an order of Rumaniyya (eggplant, lentil and tart pomegranate stew with Arabic bread). Tremendous food.

Down Junction Hollow, the Jail Trail, and over to the NorthSide and Chateau Trail. 23 miles.

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