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Monday, July 25, 2016

Mid-July in Confluence

7.15.2016 21m
7.16.2016 3m
7.17.2016 22m
7.18.2016 3m
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I was pleased to spend a few days cat-feeding and house-sitting in Confluence. I really like this town, and got to ride around a bit.

7.21.2016 13m
7.22.2016 12m
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July 21 was an errand day, I love riding around Pittsburgh on my bike. Treated myself at the top of Allegheny Cemetery to cooling off my feet with their water spout.

July 22 I got to ride with some visitors, and encountered a Scout troop from Texas that I'd had a small part in planning their trip. They had tremendous jerseys, the three pockets on the back each had a city's flag: Pittsburgh, Cumberland, DC. Totally cool.

Roly Poly is my Spirit Animal

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ashtabula Ohio

7.4.2016 19m
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Rode with my wife Karen along the Warren, Ohio to Ashtabula Trail (Western Reserve Greenway). The trail ends just beyond a bench that I was remiss in not taking a photo of the last time I was here.

I imagine this gentleman's friends called him Mike, which makes for an immature phonetic play-on-words:

We continued beyond the trail head to Harbor Perk coffee. What an excellent coffee shop.

Then we rode around to Lake Shore Park which was very nice. Drivers on the roads up here are used to bicycles and very cooperative.