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Friday, October 4, 2013

Coffee Shop Without Walls: 2013 Coffeeneuring 1 of 7 at Point State Park

10/4/2013 #222 32m
Today is the first day of Coffeeneuring Challenge 2013.

Coffeeneuring is a neologism of randoneuring (riding distances within rules) and coffee riding (riding locally for coffee), hence coffeeneuring: riding locally for coffee within rules. Last year Pittsburgh had more coffeeneurs than any other metro area, even more than Portland.

Given this year's new rule, the Coffee Shop Without Walls (which embraces coffeeneuring at an outdoors location), and the installation of Pittsburgh's Large Yellow Duck, it seemed appropriate to kick off the year with outdoor coffee/tea at Point State Park.


R,S and I started riding at Western Penitentiary at about 0820 and rode to Point State Park. There weren't too many people around. We parked our bikes and fired up the JetBoil, and brewed one cup of coffee and two cups of tea. Had some animal crackers along with the hot drinks, and fed the local mallards a few dozen Ritz crackers.


#Coffeeneuring 2013, 1 of 7, cups belong to R, V, and S:

Crossed the Ft.Pitt bridge, rode southeast along the Mon. Realized that some of our friends were in the area, crossed the Hot Metal Bridge and rendezvoused with K, K, and D on the Jail Trail at Triangle Bike Rental.

Rode through Sandcastle and the Waterfront to the PumpHouse, and then returned. Very pretty day, 80F in October.

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