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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Coffeeneuring 2016-B: Without Walls at Frick Park

Oct.9. 2016
Oct mtd: 102m ytd:2198
Saturday I got to see a very pleasant sight: my Trail Guide for the GAP- C&O Trails on the shelves, for sale, at the National Park Service bookstore in Cumberland, MD. They're available at NPS, or via Amazon at Trail Guide for GAP - C&O Trails.

Today Emma and Q hosted a Coffeeneuring Without Walls event in Frick Park. I love it when the directions to an event look like this:

In Pittsburgh, this is how we spell #Coffeeneuring:

When I arrived, there was an individual (who seemed to have a lot of unmet emotional needs) engaging the group of cyclists in a lecture about Manners. Not all cyclists, mind you, just some; and lest you think he has a problem with cyclists, he used to ride himself. Article online about the same induhvidual getting a ticket for his unleashed dog, crying Foul!

It was a great turnout. 20 people. Two younglings. Lots of transient doggies parading by. And the treats! Pancakes, doughnuts, apple fritters. wow!

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