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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Coraopolis to Cranberry: an Impromptu Coffeeneur Route

10/22/11 39.8 miles
I started out planning a Coffeeneuring ride (which entails riding your bike slowly to a {preferably} indy coffee shop and enjoying a fine beverage) from Coraopolis to Blawnox. While I was riding on Neville Island my cellphone rang — a friend was in for the weekend, could we meet in Cranberry in a few hours? I agreed and then tried to figure out how to get there on the bike.

I was standing beneath I79 on Neville Island and I realized: it's legal to use I79 to cross the Ohio River, so I seized the opportunity and rode north on the interstate. On the other shore I was tempted to continue along the highway to at least the Mount Nebo exit, but that seemed unwise.

I rode Route65 to Sewickley, where I intended to attempt retracing the now-defunct Tour de Sewickley. Took the village's main drag to the south tip of Leetsdale and the Red Belt. Rode the Red Belt around to the Cranberry Industrial park, it was a very nice ride, light traffic and good roads, and I arrived at the appointed Starbucks with a half-hour to spare.

Starbucks in Cranberry is like Starbucks in Sewickley (and everywhere) but it skews more middle-aged; no kids, no privileged hipsters, no old-money seniors; Cranberry is more 22-to-50 year olds. Well financed but a different vibe, maybe a bit less relaxed.

After the Starbucks (and it was not a date) I rode/descended home on a more direct route so as to finish in the daylight. Total mileage was 39.8 miles, an excellent ride on a great day.

Week 39
this week:
117 miles
  [4th quarter: 392 miles]    
2011: 3658 miles

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