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Saturday, October 3, 2015

#Coffeeneuring 2015-1 Wedding Party PhotoBomb

10.03.2015 28m
Today started off as a cold, dismal, rainy Saturday and later in the day it stopped raining. I started at the Bastille, met a few friends on the trail, then rode over to Thick Bikes to pick up a rear-view mirror I'd ordered. Thick Bikes has hosted a coffeeneuring session earlier in the morning, I think that's so very cool of them.

I saw Bob-H and sang Happy Birthday to Maggie and him. They had a negative experience with deep soft gravel on the Southside Trail, which is sporting some railroad improvement work.

Rode to Big Dog Coffee 2717 Sarah Street, SouthSide Pittsburgh for a Mocha Blanca: white chocolate caffeine goodness. #Coffeeneuring 2015-01 on Oct.3 2015, 28 miles. So excellent.

Coming across the Hot Metal Bridge I overtook a wedding party and photobombed the picture taking:

I was involved in escorting a large group on a cycling tour, it was an impressive lineup of bikes:

As we transitioned from the NorthShore Trail onto Washington's Landing via the switchbacks, I got to photobomb my second wedding party of the day:

One of our groups went through the southside and A. had a harsh experience with the soft gravel at 2nd Street.

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  1. So this is the start of your Coffeeneuring exploits this year? I was reading your articles about it, and I think it's great that your first post about it was quite eventful - having crashed two wedding parties in a day!