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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Coffeeneur 7of7 at North Park's Over The Bar (OTB) Cafe

10/31/2013 217# 2.2m
This has been several days off the bike for me, in spite of excellent weather (excuse approaching!) because I've been clearing my obligations in preparation for an upcoming trip.

One thing I would not skip is my final Coffeeneuring ride. Today was my seventh in the 2013 series, and S and I rode to the boat house at Pittsburgh's North Park to see the just-opened North Park Over-The-Bar Cafe. We're fans on their long standing SouthSide OTB Cafe, and eager to see what they've done in their new, second location.

from the lake:

from the patio:

So, coffeeneuring: it's all about the coffee (and tea).

I had my favorite dish from the Southside OTB: black bean cakes, which come with a small bit of salsa on top of them, accompanied with a sort of a pineapple chutney, some guacamole, and some sour cream.

OMG. Better than Southside! So was the latte! I was very pleased.

The view was tremendous. The food was excellent. Prices reasonable.

Plentiful bike racks out front. Did I mention that OTB Cafe is a Bronze Bike-Friendly Employer, and a Business Member of BikePgh?

We were like the second party seated and we had the patio to ourselves. By the time we left, there were a lot of people there. The seating is mostly outdoors. I do think that if they were crowded and a downpour surprised them, there'd be a lot of people with no place to go for shelter - but, such is life at a boat house, I suppose.

Coffeeneur 7 of 7 complete, Coffeeneur Challenge 2013 complete.

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