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Friday, October 7, 2016

Coffeeneur 2016-A: Walden's in Stuebenville

Oct mtd: 98m ytd:2194
Rode with my wife Karen from the intersection of the Montour & Panhandle Trails in McDonald, PA, via the PAVED Panhandle Trail west to Burgettstown, PA (a name with possibly more letter-T's than should be allowed)

Stopped for Coffeeneuring (2016-A) at Walden's @1709 Main. Totally excellent, as always. In addition to coffee, omelettes and eggs and hash browns and sweet potato (recommended!) fried were experienced.

There's a new trailside building, between the trail and Walden's, just completed. Sometime soon it should open with bike rentals, antiques, and object's-d-arte.

The benefits of paving of the Panhandle between McDonald and Burgettstown by Washington County PA cannot be over-emphasized.

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