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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Short Ride

Sun 9/18/11 16miles
Rode 16 miles on the Montour Trail during the Steelers Game. I thought the trail would be empty during the game, but there were quite a few riders out there - including the unicyclist I've seen a few times. Today I got to take a picture of him. - > >

I thought the wheels were big and guessed that they were 29" wheels, but he said they were 36" wheels.

I felt a bit diabetes-weak and lightheaded about 8 miles into the ride, so I stopped to eat and gave it some time to process, then I called it a short ride and just returned to the car.

The good news is that the knee is good and I'm feeling strong. I do need to rebuild the pattern of frequent mileage, though.

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