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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Driver Intentionally Hits DC Bicyclist (Video)

From Washington, DC, this video of a driver intentionally hitting a cyclist:

Here's the dialogue between the assailant and the cyclist:
Driver: "You'd better move your genius ass to the f***king right"
Cyclist: "What's that?"
Driver: "You heard me"
Driver swerves to right, hitting cyclist
Cyclist: "F**k! F**k! F**k!"

Fortunately, (1) the bicyclist wasn't killed and (2) the bicyclist was wearing a helmet-mounted 1080p video camera, and (3) it looks like the license plate is DC tag DK-2193.

More techno-goodness: Cyclist falls and hits head, gets amnesia; GPS track fills in the blanks.

In the sake of objectivity, we should also mention that the same week in DC, two bicyclists pursued and fired shots at a moving car.

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