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Monday, September 5, 2011

Rie Sawada's Nagoya LHT Bicycle Cafe

Rie Sawada, who blogs at CharRiesCafe, was recently profiled in Pittsburgh's Urban Velo is a bicycle advocate in Nagoya.

She sells "mom-made marmelade" and a special coffee blend. On Sundays she uses her bike as a portable cafe, selling coffee and teas off the rear rack. Although she started off with a Surly LHT (above, demonstrating the versatility of the LHT) she has since transitioned into a more polished cafe-bike with a Nishiki.

She's also formed a girl's bike dance team, shown performing here:

She's currently touring northern Europe with her Bike-Cafe. The back story is, she's doing marketing for Nagoya, pitching it as a modern green 2.0 city, and getting Nagoya lots of earned press. Very clever.

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