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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

RustBelt Cup, Shelter and Hammocks at Boggs Trailhead

10/1/2013 #225 42m
First, a link to a better writer: Velophoria who says, "If you're not having fun on your bike, you need to seek professional help. I'm a therapist, and I'm not joking -- you need help. Bikes are fun."

Being October 1st, the National Bike Challenge has closed and with it the Cleveland-Pittsburgh Rust Belt Competition. I rode for 4,138 points over the several months of the competition, and occupied 62nd place among Pittsburgh participants. Last year I was in the top-15. It looks like Cleveland has both more miles and more miles-per-rider, but Pittsburgh has more "points", and I'm not sure how the Rust Belt Competition is defined (or even if it's defined by a particular metric).

Rode the Montour Trail today with R starting at the Boggs Trailhead, which is just my fave local trailhead; it's a bit of an oasis. Today we saw a few new improvements. There's an Adirondack shelter being built for campers:

Adjacent to the campsite, there are several hammock bays all neatly aligned, which is just fantastic:

We were surprised to encounter DH jogging on the trail, that was serendipitious.

We rode out to trailside FarmHouse Coffee in Peters Township, having heard that they may be closing the doors come Nov. 1st. Enjoyed excellent coffee and their excellent outdoor patio. They've been an excellent shop, I'm sorry to see them close.

The ride back was just as pleasant: sunny and cool and perfect conditions.

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