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Thursday, October 17, 2013

River City Java in Uptown - 2013 Coffeeneuring 3 of 7

10/17/2013 #220 13m

Today's mission was Coffeeneuring and the target was River City Java at 1919 Forbes Avenue. R. had a latte, I had a three-shot espresso, S had a tea and we were all very pleased. We sat at a cool front patio that extends out into the sidewalk, and S. went out back where there's also a rear patio.

We met the owner and also talked with Steve Walsh, the manager. Very nice, engaging folks. This is a newly opened iteration of a coffee shop at this location, previously this had been the Asylum Coffee Bar in a previous life. These folks were doing it right, the coffee and tea was excellent and the mood of the place was very nice. I really like the open-wall atmosphere (weather permitting).

We departed and decided to check out Sir Samelot in case he was decorated for Halloween and hit a jackpot, they had just finished with the decoration and we got to meet Sam Kiss, who's responsible for placing the statue. We had a very nice talk with Sam and his able-bodied assistant Tim.

Crossed the Birmingham Bridge to the South Side, stopped at Thick Bikes for some Christmas wish-list fantasizing. Emerged to a light rain and proceeded to Station Square, Ft. Pitt Bridge, Ft. Duquesne Bridge, and back to the Bastille. 13 miles, and Coffeeneur 3 of 7 accomplished.

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