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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hybrid Commute and Bike Nap

10/9/2013 13m #220
Sort of a hybrid work commute today; drove a car to a garage, then took the bike off the car and biked to work. After work, I biked home.

This is a short but pleasant commute, 13 miles today. Stopped on the way home and ate lunch at this spot overlooking the Ohio River, and then took a Bike Nap.

There's a question I find very interesting. When I take a bike nap, and people see me with my modern bike and high-viz kit, I'm never bothered; I'm considered an indicator species that good things are happening, economically and culturally. But when a more down-on-his luck fellow takes a nap in the park, with his possessions in a shopping cart instead of bike-and-panniers, he's a criminal that needs to be rousted. And yet, there's really very little objective difference between us.

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