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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Walden's on Panhandle Trail

Aug mtd: 363 ytd:1517
Sunday my wife Karen and I drove to the Montour Trail junction with the Panhandle Trail (near 8181 Noblestown Rd. McDonald, PA 15057), and rode out on the Panhandle Trail to Walden's Restaurant in Burgettstown.

Walden's is a trailside restaurant. Very bike friendly; bike racks, they ask to fill your water bottles. The food is excellent. Today was omelettes and sweet potato fries, which are a specialty of the house. I've always had very good food there.

On previous trips, the trail was a bit sandy-soft in spots but it has recently been paved. PAVED. So awesome. It only felt like a 6 mile ride, instead of 8.

Also today, I replaced my Air Zounds horn with a Sabre Mobility Audio Alarm. I think it'll be just as effective for PWEB (people with ear buds) and similarly effective for People In Cars. It's certainly got a smaller footprint, and I prefer the battery power source over the compressed air can.

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