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Monday, August 29, 2016

Night-ride in the rain

Aug EOM: 386 ytd:1540
Today is the morning-after a cyclist fatality on Route51 northbound, between the West End Bridge and the McKees Rocks Bridge. Fourth cyclist fatality on Route51 between Pittsburgh and Monaca in three years; the common aspect is they were all riding to/from work.

Parked under Birmingham Bridge. Rode through Southside, rode up past Station Square and West End Bridge to the scene of the accident. It's a very wide roadway; one lane north, two south, and a turning lane in the middle. There's so much room available for a protected bike lane, like we see at the Waterfront in Homestead.

Rode around town. Had an appointment in Shadyside. Rode over to intercept the Protest Ride in Oakland in response to the killing of Dennis Flanagan. It was raining, but it was a pleasantly cool rain and it was good to ride with friends.

The deceased's brother spoke with great wisdom. He said the family wasn't blaming the driver, as the facts aren't known. He said the driver is also damaged, having to know the rest of his life that his driving killed somebody.

After the protest ride, it was a dark ride in moderate rain back to the car. The sunset is happening earlier, it's the time of year to be getting more familiar with lights and night-ride gear.

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