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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Death of a Helmet #FDGB

8.15.2016 6m
8.16.2016 22m
8.17.2916 24m
Aug mtd:167 ytd:1331
August 15, and I'm not emotionally prepared for the end of June yet. Rode the South Park bike lanes, just to see what it is. It's very nice. Sort of a non-standard solution at the park's roundabout - the cyclist is supposed to exit the bike lane and shift right/outside to the perimeter sidewalk. Eminently workable, but not intuitive.

Tuesday Aug. 16 began inauspiciously, with me falling off the bike onto my helmet on Shady Avenue. Remarkably, there was nobody else around. I compressed the helmet and so that's the end of that. #FallDownGoBoom #BumblesBounce

Wednesday Aug 17, I was riding to an appointment. Detoured to SouthSide to look at helmets at Thick. Encountered Karen riding on Jail Trail. Went to OTB for bean cakes and shrimp tacos, very good. Got stuck in a heavy downpour on Ellsworth, took shelter under a hotel awning. There was another cyclist there too, although we only exchanged nods.

It felt a lot like the temple scene from Rashomon. Finally the other cyclist said to me, "My chain is broken". He seemed to be a student and didn't have a lot of English. He had a real nice Raleigh, probably from 1975-ish.

His chain had come off the front chainrings, and wrapped around the crank but it was jammed in place by a bolt holding the chainguard. Between my handtool and his being able to see (my glasses were all rain-spotted), we freed the change. Kind of a nice moment.

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