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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Touring Pittsburgh

8.11.2016 22m
8.12.2016 14m
8.13.2016 18m
Aug mtd:115 ytd:1279
August 11 I was fortunate to ride around with Yale.

Friday Aug.12 I got to escort a group of sleep-apnea engineers around Pittburgh on a team-building session. Nice ride. My ride-partner Becky showed me a brilliant Pittsburgh piece of go-along-to-get-along High Viz: a terrible towel tied to the back of her CamelBack. Absolutely inspired; no Yinzer could stay mad at a cyclist flying the colors.

We stopped to take a look at the Pannier Building, site of the Union Paper Box Company fire of 1915, (more) which was Pittsburgh's version of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire of 1911.. In both cases, women employed in building with sealed windows and locked doors burned to death, or fell to their deaths.

Then we rode to Penn's Brewery and the Heinz History Center. Nice ride, great group.

Saturday Aug.13th I got to escort a group around the South Side. The visible homeless camps have been cleaned out, and the 31st Street ridge camp seems evacuated. Looks like the tents are back on Second Ave.

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