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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Trail of the Dead: Strava Edition

4.13.2014 #213 20m

Since yesterday was Spring, today was Summer in Pittsburgh. Absolutely georgeous, although how They manage the persistent headwind is very impressive. There must be an App for that.

The trails were crowded with oldsters, youngsters, girlsters, guysters. Rode from the Bastille down to the Eagle's Flypaper section of the trail, along with S and Marco.

The mixture of trail newcomers, people without any hint of where they're going, and high-performing time conscious athletes suggests a new Zombie movie to be filmed on the trails today: Trail of the Dead: Strava Edition.

Departed the Eagle's Flypaper Zone, rode to Piper's Pub for a repast, back to the Bastille. Perfect conditions.

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