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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Most Car Fatalities Happen Within Five Miles of the Home

4.17.2014 #216 32m 60F
Due to misplaced priorities on my part, spent hours of nice weather writing website code. Finally got outside about 3.30 on a very nice day.

Rode from the Res down to the Sewickley Bridge. Saw that there is, in fact, a different form of life in Sewickley and it may have taken over the Sweetwater Arts Center.

Departed Sewickley on my new Fave Route, Beaver Street to Ambridge's Merchant Street, to Duss Avenue. Stopped at my new Fave Route-65-Beaver-County Indy Coffee Shop, the Blue Canary. Double espresso and a muffin, yummy goodness. Very nice people.

Back on the bike, Duss Ave turns into State Street in Baden, to Route 65. Crossed the Ohio at the East Rochester Bridge. Back on my own turf in Monaca, close to the spiritual center of the universe which is Yolanda's Pizza, a driver in a silver Hundai decided to demonstrate the limitation of human performance by unintentionally trying to kill me. Fortunately, while it was an unconscious and involuntary activity for the driver, it was an Opt-Out event for me, and I decided that Hashtag-Today.Was.Not.That.Day.

The driver was suitably aghast when they realized they'd almost dented their car with me, and seemed so agitated that I decided to not pass in front of the car as suggested because they were so very twitchy that to me, it seemed like waiting until after they were gone and enjoying the breathing in and out was just prudent. Instead of "taking the lane", I was "taking the now" which is probably the title of my next movie.

While most of life's lessons are contained in the Godfather movies, I believe it was a Steve McQueen movie that conveyed the maxim, most car fatalities happen with five miles of the home. Word.

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