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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Goldilocks and the Weather Radar

3.12.2014 #218 9m 25F

Today the weather radar looked like this, with Me in the Middle, and I decided that was an opportunity to go ride and perhaps get closer to completing the Errandonnee 2014 Series.

I had a nice dry (although there was a stiff headwind) ride over to the strip mall BuzzNClip.
Errandonnee 2014-Ten, personal health, ride to barbershop/haircut2.
Observed that six haircutters find it abnormal when somebody shows up on a bicycle.

When I was riding away, I caught a bit of a sleet squall. Visibility was down to about a mile, and I got a buildup of rime ice on my bike and helmet. I will not protest Springtime.

Rode to the local corporate soulfree Caffeinary.

  • Errandonnee 2014-Eleven, Coffee2, Monaca Starbucks, Teavanna Youthberry. Blueberry Honey Muffin.

    Observed that the Geezer Retired White Guys have taken over Starbucks.

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