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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Errandonnee 2014 Complete

3.16.2014 #224 32m 25F
Rode from Cranberry to Sewickley round trip today.

Started in Cranberry with RustyRed, who I had offered to show the route to. We rode together through the Industrial Park and the Red Belt to Beaver Street. It was cold, but a very nice ride.

Stopped in a nearby coffee shop to read and accomplish Errandonee 12: Reading 2.
Observed: the rich really are different than you and me.

Saw tis at Yarns Unlimited, Beaver Street, Sewickley:

Back on the road, slightly uphill back to Cranberry. Very nice ride, drivers were extremely cooperative. Took a phone call from an older person and thought I was responding in a moment of bicycle-induced clarity. When I heard myself saying, "because otherwise you're going to end up sitting in a nursery home in a dirty diaper for 24 hours", I realized that perhaps I had romanticized my mind-state.

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