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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Springtime for Pittsburgh

12.13.2015 19m
It's 65F on December 13th. No complaints. Rode with my wife Karen from the Bastille. Went out to the 16th Street Bridge, into town on Penn Ave, out the Jail Trail.

Rode out to the end of Saline Street. Noticed the proximity to the Pocusset Street BikeLane, a switchback ramp would be a major connection between SouthSide and Squirrel Hill.

Crossed the Hot Metal Bridge, saw the greenest intersection on the GAP.

I think the bike-icons should be oriented for the drivers to see, rather than the crossing walkers and bikers to see, but I'm glad for any improvement.

Saw this at REI: how a family of five goes and plays. Two fat bikes, a ride-along, and two BMX bikes:

"The family that plays together, slays together"

Stopped at Las Palapas for dinner, it was very good. Saw the Point State Park tree illuminated.

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