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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pittsburgh Chanukah Bike Ride 2015

12.06.2015 8m
Sunday was a day of too many opportunities and I couldn't get to them all. Had a Flock meeting at 10am, very cool. There was a bike-coffee-beer group ride at noon that I very much wanted to get to - start at a roastery, get some beans, ride to a park and everybody demonstrates their particular technique of bike-coffee production - but I couldn't get there.

I did see the group riding as I drove into Oakland, it looked like a great bunch of people and I'm glad Kindred Cycles and Commonplace Coffee had a good event. Very excited to see this developing.

So, Chanukah begins at sunset and today is the Menorah Car Parade and Bike Ride. This is the 4th Annual Chanukah Bike Ride in Pittsburgh, for those keeping count. Each year we get more participants.

At the ride start I had a technical snafu, I couldn't get my Droid phone to BlueTooth the playlist to the audio trailer. Fortunately technomage JoanneP stepped in and set things aright.

In the middle of the ride, we stopped and waited to intercept the vanguard of cars.

My wife Karen rode a Pittsburgh HealthyBikePgh bikeshare bike.

A gentleman who rode a unicycle (while carrying an Ultimate Wheel with a Star of David) on his back, Jim Leonard with his Light-Up-Coat, and Ben Yogman. (photo by Barbara Jensen)

We had a lot of excellent support from Pittsburgh Police, and in particular from Officer Howard McQuillen who was just awesome.

Video from JoanneP:

Video from DinoA:

Video from my bike, looking back over the audio trailer

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