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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Coffeeneuring 2015-7: KLVN Coffee

Didn't plan to ride today, then I saw a facebook post advertising a coffee tasting from a new roaster and that's too cool to pass up.

My wife Karen and I started at Schenley Plaza. Rode by the just-placed Ghost Bike for Susan Hicks. There was a rear blinky attached, still flashing; it's a very nice touch.

Coffeeneuring 2015-7: Oct.25 2015. KLVN coffee roasters. Melwood Screening Room, 477 Melwood Avenue. 3 miles. Sampled Honduran, Guatemalan, Kenyan, and Ethiopian coffees, with alfajores (an Argentinian creme pastry).

This was really excellent coffee and a fun rollout event. Great to see the Pittsburgh coffee economy expanding.

This Coffeeneuring was free. Earlier this month in a Pittsburgh cyclist facebook conversation, there was a discussion w/Kitaira about scrounging free coffee at hotel lobbies, car dealerships, waiting rooms, etc. Bill suggested: free coffeeneuring as a theme, then TriciaC leveled-up to the elegant phrase cofFREEneuring. I think that might be my 2016 coffee theme: CofFREEneuring, scrounging 7 cups of courtesy coffee (no thefts!).

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