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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Disloyalty Coffee Cards

10.27.2015 Tues 2m
10.29.2015 Thur 21m
On Tuesday I only rode 2 miles. I stopped at Thick to get a Specialized pizza-rack put on the front of my bike.

Then rode over to Big Dog Coffee and did some Wifi time. It rained pretty heavily, and when it was time to go I just remembered the lesson of Ghost Dog:

Later I stopped at 4121 Main to pick up some tea, and saw that they have disloyalty cards! I am so into that!

On Thursday I met my friend Y and we rode around for a while. Then he had a meeting, so I rode the just-Reopened Strip District trail. I poked a bit further along the Allegheny River than the actual trail permits, and came across the coolest little quiet yard in the back of Pitt-Ohio Trucking.

They probably can't uproot the tracks, but they've filled the tracks in with soft mulch and it's a wonderfully peaceful space.

I saw where the Penn Ave bike lane is being extended to Stanwix. Saw a sign, "bikes use vehicular signal" and I really didn't understand that, but friends have explained that some intersections have signs telling cyclists to use pedestrian signals so I guess this adds clarity.

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