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Friday, March 15, 2013

Unplattbar is the New Black

Took my Precious (my Long Haul Trucker) in to the shop for a new drive train and a semi-annual overhaul. New tires, too. IMO his is the sticker you want to see on your bike tires:

The LBS noticed that the right-side eyelet that takes the mounting bolt for the rear rack had separated from the frame. Fortunately, the other pair of rear eyelets were suitable for mounting the rack and fenders both.

left side, with two eyelets right side, with one eyelet

I had broken a flange underneath my Brooks 73 saddle, and the LBS contacted Brooks and a replacement is on its way. I love my LBS (Ambridge Bike Shop). That wouldn't have happened if I had bought the seat online.

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