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Friday, March 8, 2013

Murals, Dinosaurs, Karma

3/08/13 35M
Really a nice day out, after six days off the bike.

Found this by surprise, at The Parador Inn, your "Caribbean bed and breakfast" on Western Avenue:

S. located this at 1214 Liverpool Street in Manchester:

Passing by the Art Institure, we saw that their Dino is decorated for St. Patrick's Day. Traditional Pittsburgh Irish food: perogies, Eat N Park smiley cookies, and a Primanti's sandwich. I guess the fries are potatoes.

A really cool mural at Duquesne University's Laval House by Gerry Tonti:

Traveled through Uptown to check out Sir Samelot, who seems to have a website now in addition to a gamine sidekick.

This is the "green wall" mural at PNC Bank:

Then we stopped at PPG Plaza for a BikePgh luncheon meetup in the food court. Although the location wasn't bike friendly, it was great to meet about ten bicyclists for lunch. It was a bit funny that people introduced themselves with their web-nommes and their real names. Really a nice time.

Rode to the 10th Street Bridge to photograph these dinosaurs at the top of the superstructure:

Then I rode to a meeting, and when I got out I rode over to REI. Departed and rode back to the Northside, and as I rode around the Casino I saw another Silly Driver who really needed to park their car on the bike trail so they could go and gamble.

It seems that the odds were against them. First, because some trail users with a sense of accountability hoisted a road barrier up on top of the car, perhaps to suggest that it was inappropriately parked. Second, because security had placed a sticker on the window saying, Move it or you're going to be towed.

As I stopped to take this photo, security came back and said they'd be towed in a few minutes. As much as I hate to see somebody's car towed, I must also say I really appreciate them policing the bike trail.

A very nice ride.

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