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Monday, October 8, 2012

Venice to Farm House: the Best of the Montour Trail

10/8/12 36M
If you were going to take visitors on a ten mile section of the Montour Trail, which ten miles would you pick?

Met visiting friends Denny, Doreen, Marcina, and Dave at the Venice Trailhead (Route 50). We rode south-east through the National Tunnel, along the Valleybrook Golf Course, over the creek (which I think is the center of the prettiest stretch of the Montour Trail), through the tunnel, over the bridge, and out to the trail interruption at ValleyBrook Road.

Looking across Valleybrook Road, you can see that some trees have been cleared along the future path of the new bridge crossing and future trail extension, that's very exciting.

We continued along the trail to Farm House Coffee. I was intrigued to see a portable brazier in the outdoor seating area with a small fire burning, it looked like a very nice arrangement for winter.

I had a red velvet biscotti and a White Lightning, which is four shots of espresso with white chocolate. Everybody was pleased with the offerings.

Back on the trail, we rode out along the Montour Trail and checked out the horse farm on the way to Library Road, then reversed and rode to Logan Road. Turned around and back to Venice. 36 miles and a very nice ride.

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  1. I agree most interesting stretch of the Montour trail and will become more so when link is completed with Arrow Head Trail!