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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

PSA: Slow the F*** Down

10/3/12 11M
I do my bike- and Type2-diabetes blogging here, mostly, but when I've got a topic for non-bicyclists — that is, when I want to preach to the non-choir — I have another place for it, and so I'd like to respectfully suggest that you check out Cher The Road, and a Samuel Jackson Public Service Announcement: Slow The Fuck Down. Today's profanity is quasi-justified by yet another Pittsburgh motorist running over another Pittsburgh bicyclist.

Spent most of the day on a short leash due to domestic entanglements, which is a ingrate's manner of saying I'm not homeless and that sometimes interferes with Building My Perfect Day™.

Got out late this afternoon and took the time to do some oft-deferred bike maintenance before the ride, then my schedule collapsed because in this space-time you apparently can't be in two places at once, which my Google-calendar keeps straight for me IF I enter my events in my calendar – which I failed to do.

Ended up with a pleasant, short ride on my well-tweaked bike with a nice, clean chain. #STFD

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