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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ridus Interruptous


On Monday I looked at the blue skies and the 30F temperature (wind chill 25), and the forecast of deteriorating conditions all week, and knew that this was The Day To Ride. I wrapped up the details of my day and at about 4:30 I started to dress, and it takes me about twenty minutes to gather and put on all those clothes, shoes, booties, balaclava, gloves, etc.

I'm out the door a little before 5 with the bike and my cellphone rings, it's an important call from a friend and I stop to take it, hanging up inadvertently a few times as my helmet straps press buttons. Finally, it's about 5:10 and I turn on my lights and start riding.

Flat front tire.

I hate that. At 5:15 there was no way to change the flat and get started before dusk, and while I'll start in daylight and finish in the dark, it just seems like another level of silliness to start riding in the dark.

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