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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bike Coffee Mug, Rule 5 and Rule 51


The problem: winter. Cold, snowy-wet, dark winter.
The solution: shopping for bike stuff.

Yesterday I picked up my newest bicycle geegaw: a Soho Commuter Mug, by Trek.

Yes, there is a bike called a Trek Soho. It's got a belt drive instead of a chain, that's sort of cool.

Yes, if you buy the bike it comes with the coffee mug.

Yes, you can just buy the mug.

The mug has earned some good reviews, and the rubber strap around the top is reported to do a good job of preventing the mug from vibrating against the frame.

One blogger replaced the original gray rubber band with a Lance Armstrong wristband, because (1) it's high-viz and (2) it's more TrekLance propaganda.

I think he must have never heard of Rule 51:
Livestrong wristbands are cockrings for your arms. You may as well get “tryhard wanker” tattooed on your forehead.

I can only suggest that rather than use a "tryhard wanker" rubber band, you might want a Rule 5-type wristband:

I think the flat black color is more Ninja, and if anybody ever asks what it says, that's a sweet moment.

Of course for me, I might want to go with a blue wristband:

I'm looking forward to having a warm drink on a cold winter ride.

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