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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Easter Rebellion and Yale's Northside Tour

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4.26.2016 19m
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Sunday I rode from the North Side into East Liberty with my wife Karen, then I bopped over to the South Side myself to join my friend TimM for a celebration of the Easter Rebellion.

I must confess that the pints seemed to weigh on me as I climbed back to East Liberty. Rendezvoused with K, met a cyclist rocking a Dutch-style bike with a safety lollipop - only the second one I've seen in Pittsburgh. Rode to OTB, had dinner, RTB.

Tuesday was primary day, so: things you can do with a Pizza front rack:

I met YaleC and got the Manchester segment of his North Side Tour. I really liked the Wayfinding system at this Tiny Free Library at Manhattan & Hamlin Streets:

From Manhattan and Juniata Streets:

Fascinated to find three Baptist churches at the same location:

In Manchester, Yale showed me the high water mark from the 1936 St. Patrick's Day flood:

Not as pronounced as the markings at Klavons, but still remarkable.

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