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Friday, February 5, 2016

Helmet Not Required

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When I travel and get my gear in different bags - I often end up with the wrong gear. Today I got to the trailhead and didn't have a helmet or my Buff. I missed the Buff more. Apparently riding without a helmet, which certainly worked in my Youth, is still possible.

Rode into town, stopped at Gasoline Street Coffee. Great hot chocolate and some excellent cake-bread mashup.

I think this is the coffee shop closest to the GAP Trail's end in Point State Park. Ride the plaza off Golden Triangle Bike Rental and you're there. Park your bike just outside the big windows. Totally excellent.

Met Y and hung around for a bit, then went out in search of a little-known spot in Pittsburgh. Happily we found it after a bit of searching. I don't know what this started off as, but it's ended up probably as a different space than the original intent. The place is known to some as "Temple of the Dog".

Temple of the Dog, Pittsburgh

It was so nice to be out today.

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