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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Samelot, Scones, Obsessions

Thurs 12/19/2013 40F 20m
A very pleasant and mild day. Started at the Bastille and was pleasantly surprised to meet RustyRed, with reindeer antlers sticking out of her helmet, at the trailhead. She joined us and rode south and her handlebar-mounted VideoCam took this picture of us rounding the Casino:

We had intended to cross the Ft.Pitt bridge but the sidewalk was still quite icy so we reversed course and rode out of town on Blvd of the Allies and Fifth Ave, past Gist Street and out to see Sir Samelot's Christmas kit:

Crossed the Birmingham Bridge and rode to Big Dog Coffee. I had a Mocha Blanca, S had a Hot Chocolate, and we split a cranberry-cornbread-scone which was really excellent.

We have wondered: what visitor center does a bicyclist arriving from DC encounter? So we went off in search of the Southside Welcome Center, which is rather up by the Terminal Building and at the wrong end of Southside to be welcoming an arriving cyclist. Note for future progress.

Crossed the Smithfield Street Bridge to the Downtown side of the river, and instead of turning left and back to the Bastille - it was just such a nice day - we turned right and rode down to the Swinburne Street trailhead, just because it was beautiful out and we had "world enough and time", and so we heeded Andrew Marvell.

While riding on the Jail Trail I took these photos of a particular place in the rock wall that I think would serve well as the site of a future monument. The big picture:

The tabula rasa:

Mount BurghMayor:

It's a concept. Recognize the past, establish the heroes, leave room for future growth.

Came home and used the evening to check the internet and indulge my obsessive search for Moby Dick the perfect trunk rack bag. I was liking this, considered this, and was almost seduced by this one. Then I learned that a woman (inevitably) has already diagnosed and explained my behavior.

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