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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Full Day of Great Riding

06/13/12 78m
Rode 78 miles in three segments on a glorious day.

Started early at 0730, parked at the Bastille and ran errands downtown for a total of 8 miles. It's just easier for me to park the car at the periphery of the city and penetrate with the bike.

Drove to Boston PA, home of the trailside Boston Boxcar. Started riding southeast from Boston, and before long (Greenock?) I came across a milky white waterfall, which seems to have run through a deposit of lime or chalk. (Update: seems to be runoff from an abandoned mine, contaminated by aluminum.)

Rode from Boston to Cedar Creek Park and then up the hill to the I-70/Route 51 intersection in Belle Vernon, in preparation for an upcoming ride where we'll overnight at that location. I wanted to get a look at what I'd be asking the group of riders to do, and I'm glad I did. It's a bit of a climb from the river up to the top.

Rode back to the Boston Boxcar, regained my car and drove to UPMC SouthSide for a bikefit follow-up with world-famous bike fitter Matt Tinkey. He's really excellent. He adjusted the cleat position on some new shoes and I was on my way.

I needed to put some miles into the new shoes so I rode another 29 miles around the city, up Panther Hollow, out the Convention Center Trail to the Cork Factory, round to the Bastille again, and then back to UPMC. It was an excellent day, and I crossed 2500 miles-to-date today.

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