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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bridgewater Bike Nap

7.3.2014 #221 27m
I rode to work. In spite of all my efforts, I arrived a bit glisteny which is something that happens. Some people show up at their jobs a bit hung over, and sometimes I show up a bit bike-glisteny; diversity.

Departed mid-afternoon and was feeling a bit low-energy. Thought about eating (which would have been smart) but nothing close really appealed to me, so chose instead to take a nap (which is like the diabetic's classic foolish choice, even when it's a bike nap).

Took a bike nap in the park in Bridgewater. Lying in the sun, recharging the Vitamin-D, awesome. Not as smart as eating, though. As happens sometime to a bike-napper of a certain age, had one concerned younger person stop to ask if I was okay (meaning, alive) which was so nice of them.

Had a call from a friend, rode out to Blue Canary in Ambridge.

I saw four bikes

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