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Monday, July 7, 2014

Connellsville to Meyersdale (Pgh to DC, Day 2)

Monday 7/7/2014 66m
Woke to a very pretty morning. My buds tell me that it rained overnight but I never heard it. I love my Big Agnes Tent.

We met the others at their B&B while they were enjoying an amazing breakfast and we scrounged some for ourselves which was so very gracious of the innkeeper. Much checking of air and scrambling with bags and then we were on our way through Ohiopyle. The river seemed pretty low and quiet to me.

Rode into Confluence. Things I love about Confluence: the layout of the town, the atmosphere, the town square, Confluence Cyclery, River's Edge, Mayor Bill Metzger. Places I actively dislike the way it's run: The Parker House. I used to really enjoy Sister's Cafe, but increasingly the portions are smaller, the prices are higher, and the service is worse and it's too bad because I really want to like that place.

Departed eastbound, the trail pitched up and the group fractured. Rode into Rockwood in the sweep group, went to the Rockwood Opera House for ice cream.

Rode east and I was in the middle group. Everything was going well so I loitered until the sweep group caught up and they just didn't so I reversed and encountered them after an injury, so we took that cyclist to a trailhead for an extraction. I tried to provide context and assurance that everything was all right by taking a bike nap.

Our lodging in Meyersdale was verklemptified because a fire adjacent to Morguen Toole had closed the place due to smoke and water damage. The proprietors of Levi Deal mansion were able to make provision for us in a grand way. We had the finest dinner I've ever had on the GAP or C&O there - home made soup, salad, local bread (and local beer!), chicken and rice, cake and ice cream. Wow wow wow, Meyersdale on a Monday night. This would have been a great meal in Manhattan.

The rooms were great; it really is a mansion with really good wifi. Nothing is lacking at Levi Deal. Breakfast the next morning was an egg-sausage casserole with polenta, first time I've ever had that. It was wonderful.

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  1. Along with friends, Maggie and I staed at the Levi Deal about a month ago on our way to DC. As Maggie put it, it was the best place she had had ever stayed,anywhere, including the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan. And I must agree!