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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Confluence to Connellsville: Last Day

7.13.2014 29m
Started in Confluence this morning. Breakfast at Sister's, naturally. After just a few miles, stopped by GAP MP63 to go down by the river and see what's happening.

Stopped in Ohiopyle at the General Store, looks like they have an expansion going on. Departed, stopped at the pipeline crossing about 7 miles west of Ohiopyle to check the scenery. Right after we got there, so did a number of other cyclists so we beat it out of there.

Felt a few sprinkles of rain as we approached Connellsville. We'd arrange to R to pick us up in Connellsville because of the weather forecast. The next few miles went pretty easily, and we made Connellsville about +30 minutes ahead of schedule, which is to say: at a perfect time.

We loaded up the car and were heading out of town as major rain started, so we felt pretty good about the decision and very grateful that Rusty would come and pick us up.

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