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Friday, July 18, 2014

Monthly Friday Pittsburgh Bike Party Ride

Fri 7.18.2014 12m
Started with my wife Karen, driving (of all modes!) to Thick Bikes to pick up some Tectonic brake pads. These have a slightly larger surface area than other KoolStop brake pads and I love them, but dubiously the supply houses are not carrying the refills. I really appreciated that Thick persisted until they found a supplier that sells the refills, in addition to the initial pad-and-housing kit. So, kudos Thick.

Parked behind the Carnegie library. Walking over to the meet-up spot (Dippy the Dinosaur) for the pre-Flock / Pittsburgh Bike Party muster. There was a mini-flurry of police activity with several vehicles and a lot of officers looking for somebody. A few minutes later, they were taking a cyclist (not a Flocker) away along with the bike and panniers. Not sure what that was all about, or whether it had any connection with the street-corner protest of the Israeli military operation in Gaza.

The Bike Party ride was, as always, well organized, copacetic, good spirited and fun. Great folks. Probably 35-ish riders. I love the sound track coming from the music trailer on these rides. This month's sound track was a bit different, sort of a twangy quasi-bluegrass theme I think.

We stayed with the group until the grocery stop prior to the Highland Park potluck, then K and I split to ride over to Taza D'Oro for most excellent coffee. Tragedy struck; the place was closed. This was like an existential challenge to my soul. Ended up riding over to the Whole-Foods Starbucks. Really not inclined to go to Corporate Coffee, but one does what one must. Pleased to see NickD down the street from Banker Supply.

Iced coffee at Starbux was good. Rode over to Verde on Penn for dinner, as it was a place I've wanted to try. I've been eager to develop a fave taqueria. The food was good, service medium, prices perhaps a bit high. The search continues.

Rode over to Oakland, got in line at Dave and Andy's for ice cream about :15 minutes before they closed. Excellent ice cream. It started raining lightly as we got our cones. We rode back to the car in a light drizzle. Timing is everything, they say.

Another excellent Pittsburgh Bike Party by Flock of Cycles.

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