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Friday, July 25, 2014


7.25.2014 33m
OK, first: five months until Christmas. You're welcome.

Based in Confluence for a few days. Confluence is where the waters and mountains reach the sky which sometimes results in morning fog, which was kind of thick today. At midday, rode west toward Ohiopyle for a few miles. Sat on a bench, listened to the trees and the river, took a bike nap. Woke up, sat up, saw former colleague BN and his daughter T riding by, a happy circumstance. He asked me, what are you doing here? I said, where else would I be? We had a nice chat and I gave them a Honey Stinger Waffle from my BOMS (bag of many snacks).

Rode around a bit more, returned to base. Met local cyclist W on a recumbent (which seem very popular among Confluence residents). We rode "up" to the Pinkerton Bypass. It seems that locals don't refer to east and west as much as they talk in terms of up (east) and down (west).

Gobsmacked to learn that the Cassellman River, east/up from the Pinkerton Horn, is the location of a nuage energy vortex that is somewhat of a destination for folks that are aligned with that. This is why you have to ride with local cyclists! I'm told that if you know the spot, as you ride the trail you will sometimes see folks meditating there.

I was victualled today by Sisters for breakfast (5/10), Sweeties for lunch (7/10), and River's Edge for dinner (11/10).

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