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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pittsburgh - DC Day 4: Derecho Stand-Down Day

July 9, 2014 4m

Last night's storm left major sections of the C&O closed and strewn with downed trees. One of the sections deemed impassable and closed was the one we'd worked our way through the night before. Instead of sending the group out for a day of heavy lifting and portaging, wiser heads prevailed and a Derecho Snow Day was declared; those portions of the party that were inclined to enjoy a spa experience in Berkeley Springs did so, while others fell into schlepping and repositioning our assets for the next day's recovery.

This is the pool at the Bavarian Inn in Shepardstown, where most of the travelling party stayed. R and I stayed at a slightly less opulent place in town.

We went out and had dinner at the Blue Moon Cafe. I had a black bean burger which was excellent. Great place, much more reasonably priced than the other alternatives in town. There's a major bit of waterworks running through the outdoor dining patio.

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