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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tour de Braddock Rankin Swissvale

7.24.2014 #223 42m
Rode with K, S, and KC. Started at the Bastille at 0630 and rode out to Sandcastle and the Riverton Bridge between Duquesne PA and McKeesport.

Reversed, and after crossing the Whittaker Flyover encountered a cyclist who'd just fallen surrounded by three friends, probably grandma's who were out living the dream. Unfortunately, the fallen cyclist made great haste to get up because we were approaching and that wasn't necessary at all. They were a funny group of folks and no injuries.

Crossed the Rankin Bridge en route to an errand in Swissvale. Approached Regent Square from an unusual direction, across Squill, and rode Pocusset Bikeway with KC who hadn't seen it before. Coming off Pocusset I pulled some bad nav juju, I should have led us to Greenfield downhill but instead I took us through Schenley Park which I think took an extra three miles.

On the Jail Trail, approaching Golden Triangle Bike Rentals, I could see a cyclist with a helmet that looked almost like a time-trials helmet from a distance but as we got closer it seemed like something else. When we got there it turned out to be the best sunshade ever, I had to take a picture.

The cyclist said it's called Da Brim. She was on a folding Bike Friday, heading to Perryopolis for the night enroute to DC in a party of three.

42 miles, excellent ride.

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  1. Love DaBrim! Did you see they have hi-viz, reflective ones too? http://www.dabrim.com/html/products/professional/vision.htm