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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Group of Eleven

Sat 7/5/2014 #220 15m
Today I got to take part in escorting a few non-habitual cyclists (irregular cyclists?) on a brief ride around town. My own ride started at the Bastille, to Market Square, and to Gateway Center.

We rode Blvd of the Allies, Cherry Way, Smithfield Street Bridge, and the SouthSide Trail (saw peripatetic CharlieF!) to the center of the known universe, REI-Southside. A brief stop for shopping, rest rooms, and adjustments and then across the Hot Metal Bridge and the Jail Trail, back to Gateway Center.

The group of 11 could have been unwieldy but it wasn't, and Pittsburgh treated them very nicely. It's good periodically to see the city's bike-viewshed along with fresh eyes, and Pittsburgh looked pretty good today.

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